New Stills From The Invasion


This film has changed names so many times that you may be confused about what film this actually is. The Invasion was previously set up as a remake to Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Nicole Kidman in the lead. But after a very impressive script was turned in they went ahead and started an entirely new film.

Rumor had surfaced not to long ago that Kidman was mad because she was hurt and that the studio wasn't happy with the project and had several reshoots done. According to Silver later on none of that was true but that they were "working through it". Encouraging, no?

Today got their little hands on a couple of stills from the film. Its nothing earth shattering but if you have been waiting for this flick its good to know the studio is actually doing some PR. You can check out the rest of the stills by clicking on the one below.

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