Grindhouse 2 Still a Possibility?


Grindhouse truly was the best movie we will probably see all year. It was such a shame when box office numbers started to come through and the movie only made around $11 million opening weekend. No doubt they will make there money back overseas and on DVD but is that enough to warrant a sequel?

We will have to see but that won't stop Eli Roth and Edgar Wright from pushing Dimension for their faux trailers to become feature length films. Roth told Rotten Tomatoes, "We have the outline, the story ideas but part of the fun of Grindhouse is actually not having a script. I wouldn't want to write it too detailed. You've just got to work out the kills and then see who's around and grab a camera and have fun."

Roth also has his own theory on why the first didn't do so hot, "My feeling is that three and a half hours, it was a long time at the movies for people. The movie itself was three hours and 15 minutes and then there's 20 minutes of trailers and then parking and everything, it suddenly became a four hour evening for people. So there's only so many times you can show it in a day and a lot of people getting off work, it was tough for people to find the time to see it. The people that saw it loved it."

I have to agree 100% with the man. I always thought it just came down to people not finding the time to go check it out. LOTR, King Kong and Titanic were all close to the same time but all three were not rated R. So you couldn't just bring the whole family. Hopefully with a smaller budget and the right people behind we can see Grindhouse 2 sooner then we imagined.

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