Dead End Days Zombie Series Added

The fine folks over at Dead End Days emailed to let us know about their film and we have added it to our zombie & indie movie sections. I want to kick things off by sharing some FACTs about this film series... those of you who are Shaun of the Dead fans should appreciate this new addition alot!
Rocket Ace Moving Pictures is a group of young Canadians working in film and theatre in Toronto who have pooled their resources to bring "Dead End Days" (a year long comedic tale of love, advertising, and the living undead) to the Internet. A year long mini-series 48 5-10 minute epiosdes (a new one every week, now on episode 37) the completely free show has really progressed over the past 9 months, and attracted some zealous fans on the way.

  • Launched on October 31, 2003 the project will run for roughly one year with a continuing story that will climax on (or around) Halloween 2004. With an initial viewership in the single digits, now has hundreds of visitors daily from around the world.
  • Episodes are generally shot in batches of four over the course of a weekend and then post-production on each is completed through the remainder of the month.
  • The story is split over four days, each approximately fourteen episodes long. Day One totaled sixty-three minutes of free video.
  • The original concept for Dead End Days sprung from a discussion of another ofJason’s works – his soon-to-be produced stage play BoneSuck, also about zombies. The play features the characters of Eric, Ashley, and Bruce, though in an entirely different context.
  • The multinational Monopoly Corporation, parent company to almost all corporations in the Dead End Days universe (MonCharge, Monad, Monopoly Video…) stemmed from a corporate mascot (a cherubic man sporting a dollar sign top hat) doodled by Brad on the original Dead End Days business plan to illustrate a point. What point exactly, we’d rather not say.
  • also feature an active and lively forums, an electronic bulletin board portion of the site where users debate politics, discuss pop culture, complain about their jobs, and of course talk about the show.
  • Hidden as “easter eggs” among the site are several tongue-in-cheek “crafts projects” that, once discovered, allow users to make their own products from the Dead End Days universe (such as creating their own Brains Cola labels to be applied to their favourite beverages, or their own canvassing pamphlets from the National Institute for Zombie Enchancement).
  • After a heated debate between the creators on whether American or Canadian bills should be the official paper currency of Dead End Days a compromise was reached – disguised Canadian Tire Money is now used exclusively.

Look for more on this zombie series Dead End Days in the coming days.

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