My Name Is Bruce Sequel?


CraveOnline recently caught up with Bruce Campbell about an upcoming television show he will be doing called "Burn Notice". During the interview however he dropped alot of news on the site about My Name is Bruce, Bubba Nosferatu and even Evil Dead 4. When asked about My Name is Bruce he said, "We're finishing it for theatrical. We're doing all the effects at a high enough grade that it will be for theaters. Yeah, this film will not escape. It will be released," adding "We already have the money for the sequel."

Crave also managed to ask him about the status of Evil Dead 4. Since Sam Raimi has been talking about the project recently Bruce told them, "Sam probably didn't mention the second half of that, which is he doesn't need to right now. We can always make an Evil Dead movie when we're in the old actors and directors home. But right now, he's not quite there."

After hearing that he was asked if he would play Ash as a much older character, "Oh yeah, absolutely. He's out of it. I'd make him an old ass. I'd make him like a Bubba Ho-tep."

I had always thought that he had better hurry up and make another Evil Dead movie while he was still young. But this idea is actually a pretty good one. How does 'Evil Dead 4: Deadites in the Nursing Home' sound? Pretty damn good to me!

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