Eli Roth / Edgar Wright doing GrindHouse 2?


According to RottenTomatoes via my good friend Richard at FilmStalker the word is that Eli Roth and Edgar Wright would like to do GrindHouse 2. The problem here of course being that so far Grind House is a huge bomb and what studio will want to sign to do #2? Quotting Eli Roth:

"I already talked with Edgar Wright about Edgar doing 'Don't' and me doing 'Thanksgiving,'...We're talking to Dimension about it. I think they're still trying to figure out 'Grindhouse 1' before we think about 'Grindhouse 2,' but I've already been working on the outline for it and I would do it in a heartbeat."

The question is if Tarantino and Rodriguez couldnt make grindhouse fly who can Wright and Roth make #2 fly? Break it into two movies? Do better marketing? You hit the boards and have your say!

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