The Hatchet Army is Recruiting!


On the boards we have had a thread going on about original horror and why all the remakes and sequels. Well here is the movie you have all been waiting for. While a slasher film is nothing new it sure is one hell of a ride. Not to mention it isn't a remake, sequel or a remake of an Asian movie!

Today Adam Green unleashed a battle cry to get everyone to suit up for war against the MPAA and to get Hatchet into a theater near you, "The HATCHET trailer started showing up in major theaters across America this weekend playing before 28 WEEKS LATER. Now is the time to start asking your local theater to carry HATCHET when it opens on September 7th. Go in person, write, email, call - whatever it takes to keep on your local theater's manager and make sure that HATCHET is playing near YOU on the very day it opens."

"Your voices make all of the difference. It's in YOUR hands now. Do you want more PG-13 remakes, sequels, and torture films? Or do you want to see some hard core old school American horror at the box office again? It's time for the Hatchet Army to bring it to the front lines. We're counting on YOU!"

So how can you help out? First you can check out the Official Myspace for the Hatchet Army. There you can find all the information about theater chains and who you can contact to get Hatchet in a theater near you on September 7th, 2007.

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