Machete Gets Greenlit


After Grindhouse failed to perform in the box office it seemed like the possibility of something like it come again was long gone. But recently word has been spread that Eli Roth and Edgar Wright might do a Grindhouse 2. So what about Machete? Remember Robert Rodriguez telling everyone he shot nearly 30 minutes of footage?

Today IESB had an exclusive video interview with Danny Trejo that said they are going to do it as feature. No extra feature for the Grindhouse DVD either. A full length Machete movie that he says has already been greenlit by the Weinsteins. If this all comes through I take back all the bad things I ever said about those guys. I swear..

Trejo also confirmed that he will be in Sin City 2. So everything sounds great. Despite all box office woes it looks like the grindhouse lives on! Hopefully we will be getting some more word on this very soon. Keep it here for more.

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