Fuzzy Future for Shaun Creators?

According to Empire Online (UK), who spoke to 'Shaun' creators Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, they have begun work on their next film which will be an action/cop type flick.  Mr. Wright says:

"The idea would be to do a sequel in tone to Shaun but to tackle what we think of as the Great British Action Film, in the grand tradition of The Young Americans and Downtime.
We just thought it would be really fun to make the UK equivalent of Hard Boiled or Desperado - but very, very English!

So far only Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (who plays Ed in Shaun of the Dead) have been confirmed as cast members.  There is hope, however, that several UK comedy faces (including Matt Lucas and David Walliams) may be asked to participate as well.

Wright and Pegg are currently writing the script while on tour in the US (to promote their film) and the working titles include Raging Fuzz or Hot Fuzz.  Wright mentions about the title:

"It may be neither of these, but it could be fuzz-related"

I have yet to see Shaun of the Dead (as it hasn't arrived in North America yet) but if it is as hilarious as all those crazy Brits have said it is, their next film will definately be one to look forward to!

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