Johnny Knoxville Fighting the Undead?


Paul Soter is looking to get his foot in the door of serious filmmaking after being a part of the famous Broken Lizard comedy troupe. Now I don't know if I would consider directing a horror film as the right step if thats what he is trying to do but I'm all for it. According to MTV though there will be no comedy in this horror flick.

Paul Soter told the site that he has been itching to direct a zombie film for quite some time. So he finally spilled the beans about what will happen in his picture, "It’s about a small Colorado town and there’s a forest fire nearby and it ignites these lost barrels of toxic who knows what. It blows this toxic ash into town and makes all the dogs go apeshit. The lead guy is in a custody battle for his son and has him for the weekend. He’s a firefighter and drops off his son at school and goes into town to fight the fire when he realizes what’s going on. So he’s on one side of town. His eight-year-old boy is on the other side of town. He’s got to get through this army of rabid dogs to get his son."

Yea and you guessed it he wants Johnny Knoxville to fill the shoes of the lead man. According to the director, "[Knoxville] has shown some interest". I'm still a little wary of all these directors trying to cast BIG names in horror films. I guess its all about getting butts in seats. But I think this one has a pretty kick ass idea behind it.. Stay tuned for more.

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