DC Media Sheds 100 Tears


Markus Koch's 100 Tears recently signed a deal with DC Medias who will be bring the movie to Cannes! Yea the mother of all film festivals. They will be armed with promo DVDs, flyers and posters to help promote the film. Unfortunately the film is not completely done yet so it will not be showing the entire film but they will be showing their trailer.

This also means that 100 Tears will have to be submitted to the MPAA. Now everyone over at 100 Tears seems to be pretty optimistic about getting a good rating but in light of Hatchet getting an NC-17 I'm hoping the best for them. Even though much rougher films like The Hills Have Eyes 2 and Grindhouse managed to get an R rating for some reason I think they are much harder on the indie guys.

If you happen to be attending the Fangoria Weekend of Horror's in New Jersey in June some of the group will be in attendance. You will be able to meet Director Marcus Koch, actors Jack Amos, Raine Brown, Joe Davison and Georgia Chris and the Executive Producer Alanna Baker.

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