Dead Silence Prize Pack Winner


Sorry it took us some time to get the winner for this contest announced. I blame the gerbils under my desk that keep biting me and forcing me to stop writing and go outside to drink beer in the sun. That said we did a contest for a super cool prize pack for Dead Silence consisting of:

  • An autographed Dead Silence Poster
  • A Dead Silence T-Shirt
  • Deadly DVD Prize Pack from Universal

The winner of said contest is Ken Hill! Congrats Ken your prize pack is on its way from Universal! Written by James Wan and Leigh Wannel the film tells the story of Jamie Ashen, a man who has had the finger pointed at him by those that feel he had to something to do with his wife's murder.

Ashen knows the truth - his wife received a strange ventriloquist's dummy and it's what caused her death. Ashen returns to the scene of the crime, the town of Raven's Fair, and encounters Mary Shaw, a wronged and abused ventriloquist who now supposedly haunts the town, cutting out her victims' tongues and stealing their voices in vengeance for her own loveless past. Swept up in destructive supernatural forces beyond his control, Jamie is determined to get to the heart of the matter - whatever the cost.

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