LORDI What A Movie

Very cool news indeed, at least in my opinion.

Variety reports that the winners of the 2006 Eurovision Contest (which came as a surprise to many), Finnish metal band Lordi (who wear cool looking monster suits) is staring as the baddies in their own horror movie called Dark Floors. Lordi consists of Mr. Lordi, Awa the Vampire Countess, Amen the Unstoppable Mummy, Ox the Manbull, and Kita the Alien Manbeast.

Finnish Producer Mark Selin said that Mr. Lordi had come to him with an idea to do a horror film starring the band as the baddies. And the film is to be helmed by Pete Riski, who has directed the band's music videos, which are pretty cool and should give Floors a nice look.

Producer Selin has this to say:

"It's not aimed especially at teens; we will try to make it really scary and not aim it at the broader popcorn audience...We are planning two versions of the film, because we know that a lot of Lordi's fans are young -- but there is also a following of older fans. So we're doing a PG-13 version and a hard-core R version..."

Sounds interesting and I hope the very best for the film, though I hope that there is a huge difference in terms of what you seen and don't between the versions instead of only a few seconds.

If you like metal and have never listened to Lordi, look them up, great stuff and they are currently going to be one of the bands in the upcoming Ozzfeast Tour.

Lordi's Dark Floors is going to be filmed on about a $6million dollar budget and premier in Finland in December.
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