The Masters Are Coming

John Carpenter, Dario Argento, Rob Schmidt, Mick Garris, Stuart Gordon, Takashi Miike, John Landis...these are but a few of The Masters of Horror. After two successful seasons of terror and chills....they are coming back to haunt your homes again.

Dread Central has word from their Uncle Creepy from Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors, that when chatting with series creator Mick Garris (The Stand), Garris said that the Masters will be returning for another season!

Though there is no word on any directors or storylines.

This is getting me all excited inside, though there was some negitive response to the last season, prompting some to think that the Masters had lost their touch...I throughly loved them (though I thought Norio Tsuruta's Dream Cruise was the weakest) and I am excited for a third outting.

I'm crossing my fingers that genre titan and Master George A. Romero will be able to come and do an episode this go round.
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