The Tattooist Poster, Trailer and Stills


This is another film that has totally come out of nowhere and snuck up on me. The Tattooist is a film directed by Peter Burger that really goes into an area that no one has really tried with horror, the sub culture of tattooing. Of course I have seen the Tales From the Crypt episode but we have never seen a real solid film on the subject.

Now the trailer has me pretty interested. At first it may look like a thriller, in fact its not until the last 30 seconds of the trailer that you really see any horror in the film at all. It definetly looks pretty impressive as long as the CGI effects don't go the way of Boogeyman. You can check out the trailer over at Yahoo Xtra and the stills were located at Black Magic. Below is the bad ass poster where Jason Behr is showing off his tats.

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