Skinwalkers Is A Tame Beast

Well, this is a big arse bummer. James (Jason X) Isaac's werewolf romp Skinwalkers apparently isn't the mean creature that we all were lead to believe. Boxofficemojo has a list of recent films that the MPAA have rated and Skinwalkers landed a tame PG13.

This is a bummer of monumental porportions. I had expected Skinwalkers to be a great werewolf clash with wolf on wolf action, limbs and everything flying, balls to the wall flick that would give werewolf films a swift kick in the arse and get some projects rolling. Wes Craven's Cursed could have been it but as it is...its poor. I blame that more on Weinstein medling than Craven's direction. And Blood and Chocolate....lets not even go to the bright lights then regular wolves transformation scenes...

So, as it is...Skinwalkers is PG13. Now, thats not saying it will be a bad might actually be good. Its possible to make a good PG13 horror and looking back through our history, some of the films nowadays probably would get PG13. But...for a werewolf piece? I'm gonna have to see it, as many folks go for some good maulings and transformations. Dunno how you could pull that off with PG13. I've ruled out studio medling as its made under Lionsgate & AfterDark Films and Lionsgate has been very friendly to our genre and I don't think they would go and screw with it.

In Skinwalkers, there are two werewolf packs. One pack fully embraces their animal side and relish it while the other feel cursed and lock themselves up every full moon. A young boy and his mom are living quietly with the family and unknown to the pair, their family is the good werewolves and the boy is a half blood, who can alter the future for both groups. The bad werewolf pack comes to town to kill the boy and preseve their way of life.

James Isaac's Skinwalkers comes into theaters on July 27.
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