The Wolf Man Begins Rolling in December


It has been a long process getting to this remake. The news has been filtering down very slowly on this project but today we finally heard a little more about what is happening. Scott Stuber and Mary Parent are prepping the film to begin shooting this December in London.

Of course yea its another remake but everyone surrounding this remake makes me feel alot better. Mark Romanek who directed 24 Hour Photo will be directing. Andrew Kevin Walker has already put together a kick ass script that is described as "American Werewolf in London gory and violent."

Starring in the film as Larry Talbot is self professed lover of the original film Benico del Toro and not to long ago we learned that Anthony Hopkins may have a role as Talbot's father. Now if thats not a good foundation and they can't make a good movie out of that then there must be some serious studio meddling. Universal plans to release the film on November 14th, 2008.

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