Creepshow 4...*weeps*


A few days ago there was a discussion on the forum of who the biggest hack in horror is. Most people nominated Internet Forum Fodder Uwe Boll, but we forgot two hacks who deserve it over anyone and probably will need bouncers to protect them from irate fans should they ever pop up at a convention.

The hacks I speak of are James Dudelson and Ana Clavell. These folks are the ones behind the abominations of nature Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (Congtaium isn't even a word), Day of the Dead remake (which thank goodness has dropped off the radar) and most recently, Creepshow 3 (Romero and King had nothing to do with it). How they are able to do these things and think they are making good product that will please fans...Satan only knows.

I was curising the net this morning when I saw on Dread Central something that chilled me to my bones. Creepshow 4 is one the way. Why sweet Jesus why? Haven't they done enough damage? Creepshow is a horror classic and Creepshow 2 has some fun quirky moments...but....GAH! Well, of Dread's forum members Livingdeadguy blasted Dudelson's company Taurus Entertainment off with an email, obviously pissed about what they have done. And I shit you not, this is what they sent back:

"Thank you for your comments. Fortunately you are in a minority, based on Creepshow 3 reviews both Domestic and Internationally Creepshow 4 should be in production by the end of the Summer.

Steve Krippner, Taurus Entertainment"

Minority? How can there be any positive reviews for Creepshow 3? Every result of my Googling brings up nothing but negitive. People say Uwe Boll is a bit delusional on how good his films do...if thats true...these folks must be smoking up something strong.  Don't believe me?  Check it out yourself. No word on director, but I guess Dudelson and/or Clavell might be at the helm of this thing. I pray that it just disappears off the radar. Like their Day remake, a film which I hopes never sees the light of day.

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