Tobin Bell Heads Down Highway 61


Best known as playing the methodical killer, Jigsaw, Tobin Bell has been cast to play the Devil in Highway 61. Bell is also on board as Executive Producer on the flick. The project is being financed by Halcyon Pictures and Utah-based Prankster Film Co.

Highway 61 was written and will be directed by Luke and Jeremy Jackson. The story chronicles a struggling rock group whose manager arranges a meeting with the Devil at the Crossroads, the intersection in Mississippi made famous by blues icon Robert Johnson. Nick Thune is on board as the lead guitarist. Filming has already begun and will be shooting in Idaho, Utah and Los Angeles.

Now there is nothing to indicate that this will be a horror movie but Tobin Bell playing the devil just sounds to kick ass to pass up. Keep it here for more as find out if there is indeed any horrorific elements to the film.

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