Official Halloween Site Launches


The official site for Rob Zombies Halloween has just launched. Honestly its far from complete and their is a whole lot of JACK to see. So perhaps wait a week or so until something cool is on it and visit it. We will let you know when its updated!

Rob Zombie's vision of this film is an entirely new take on the legend and will satisfy fans of the classic "Halloween" legacy while beginning a new chapter in the Michael Myers saga. This new movie will not only appeal to horror fans, but to a wider movie-going audience as well. It will not be a copycat of any prior films in the "Halloween" franchise.

Rob Zombie ("The Devil's Rejects", "House of 1000 Corpses") writes, directs and servs as a producer. Malek Akkad of Trancas International Films ("Halloween H20: 20 Years Later") will produce the feature along with Andy Gould of Vision Entertainment Group ("The Devil's Rejects", "House of 1000 Corpses"). Checkout the Halloween 2007 Teaser Trailer

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