GrindHouse 2 Tiny $500k Budget


GrindHouse 2 is still being discussed and now in a recent interview with SlashFilm recently talked to Roth and he is planing to do GrindHouse 2 for $500,000. A throw back to their earlier roots.  he had this to say:

“And it would be something I’d do in between projects. But I’m actually writing it with my friend Jeff just to have it ready. The first Grindhouse cost almost 70 million dollars. So I’m like, we should do it like Dogma 95 and call it Dogshit 2007, where you get half a million bucks and six days and no rehearsals. We’d have to list out crazy rules but we still want to do it. I’ve talked about doing it as a 45 minute movie with just so many missing reels.... I talked to Quentin and Robert. They said ‘We gotta f*cking do that man, that will be great!’”

The movie bombed in theaters, poor marketing? Couldnt find its audience? Whoknows, but its gonna make a MINT on DVD and if they do indeed make a sequel in 6 days for $500k it to will make a fortune.

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