Boll Freestyles

I know I might get a lot of heat for posting news concerning Uwe Boll, but since Goon posted the poster for his film Seed last month, don't think I got a problem.  But, I will get heat for saying I like his films, or at the very least I find entertainment in them.

Now, down to business.  Bloody-Disgusting has learned that Uwe Boll has found distribution for a trio of films that have been in the can for a while now.  He has found it in Freestyle Releasing.  I hadn't heard of Freestyle until I announced a few days ago that they picked up the rights for the South Korean film D-War.  Freestyle has gotten the distribution rights to In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, Seed, and Postal. 

The first for release will be Postal on September 28 with a limited release of about 500 screens and will do like Pan's Laybrinth and expand based on box office preformance.  Dungeon Siege will have a much larger release on January 18 2008 with about 2,500 screen release.  Seed so far doesn't have a release date, but I guess a Mid-Late October would be good for them to caplitize on Halloween, just have to compete with Saw IV.

I'm personally looking forward to seeing these films.  They have gotten some positive reviews and apparently are an improvement for Boll.  Bloodrayne II: Deliverance is absent from the list and last I heard it was aimed at a straight-to-DVD release sometime next year. 

Currently Boll is prepping for his next video game film Far Cry and is currently lensing a Vietnam film Tunnel Rats in South Africa. 
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