House of Re-Animator Coming Soon?


House of Re-Animator has been an up and down project recently. Brian Yuzna has been busy trying to make the deal done to get this film made. He recently started a production company in Spain Amazing! Pictures which has three untitled projects in the works. It was also rumored that if Gordon returned for Masters of Horror Season 3 he would direct House of Re-Animator as an episode.

Today the website UGO conducted an interview with Brian Yuzna about the project. He had alot to say about the film and some of his other work but most importantly he commented on the status of House, "I'm getting into some talks with companies that may have the financing in place quite soon. So it's not unlikely that it may get going pretty soon. I think it's closer than ever now. In order to bring Stuart back and have actors like William Macy and stuff, the budget has to be more than what I was working with. So this meant the financing was more difficult."

So it would appear that House of Re-Animator may get its due treatment. However if Stuart Gordon does not wish to direct the film the story may be thrown out. Yuzna says, "The House story is Stuart and Dennis's idea. If Stuart didn't want to direct it then we would do another story."

You can check out the entire and rather lengthy interview with Yuzna over at UGO. He gets into detail about his recently released film Beneath Still Waters as well.

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