30 Days Of Night trailer online


Probably one of the most anticipated genre films of this year, the trailer for David Slade's adaptation of Steve Nile's graphic novel 30 Days of Night has hit online. I saw it when I saw Hostel II today and all I have to say is....it looks damn friggen good. Definatly looks like its gonna be good. And from the looks of it, the vampires in the film are like in the graphic novel,not the suave and sexy Anne Rice kinda vamps...they just want your blood and they are gonna get it.

In 30 Days of Night, the town of Barrow Alaska is preparing for the annual month without sunlight. A hard storm is brewing outside and everything seems to be normal. Though, strange occurances seem to be going on with the arrival of a group of people in the town. The residents of Barrow now find themselves under siege from vampires... 30 Days of Night is due to be released on October 19, 2007.

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