Why Eli Roth Left 1408


MoviesOnline sat down with the stars and producers of 1408 and one of the very interesting things that came out of the interview was WHY Eli Roth left the 1408 project. They asked about Eli's take on 1408 and Di Bonavaentura said the following:

Eli’s? It’s too bloody to say out loud but it was madness, you know. It was an entirely different movie actually. He has such a love of the most bloody parts of the genre that I think it scared everybody at the time. And I think when you go through some kind of transition like that, what’s very fortunate about it is that some of the most interesting aspects of the story which is the mental disintegration as opposed to any sort of physical degradation that’s going on, that’s something that Mikael and John and the writers can bring to the table on that.

Sounds an awful lot like Di is saying Eli Roth relies on gore, and shock value. Where as the team that eventually worked on 1408 worked on putting together a great story, with great elements that tell a story.  I liked Cabin Fever, but have to admit I have yet to see a really moving and thought provoking story from an Eli Roth film. Hostel was the closest thing we have sen so far, but he is still early in his career.

That is also why Eli Roth is always called a Torture Porn Director. An insult to many respectable directors, but not to Eli, he loves it! Speaking of Torture Porn, MoviesOnline asked Di about the whole idea of Torture Porn and comparing Hostel 2 to 1408.

I hesitate to put any genre into sort of a box. I think what this movie does and what Eli has done – those movies are two totally different experiences. I hope that the genre is big enough to do all of that. You always want the fans to show up on an opening weekend, but this movie is trying to go beyond what I’ll call the extreme to elicit a reaction. It’s going towards the subtle and hopefully the nuanced and the emotional and needing the audience to come and support us in doing that and that’s really the only way we’re going to decide how wide and how broad the genre is if the audience keeps showing up.

That’s going to be our challenge. It’s funny. Some people have talked to us and said, ‘Well this isn’t as scary as that’ or ‘That isn’t as smart as this.’ They are really in a way two entirely different movies so I look at them as though they exist in two different worlds as opposed to within the horror genre.

It is obvious that Di is a very smart filmmaker just based on the great comments above. You can read the whole 1408 Interview and get Sam Jackson and John Cusacks response to the Torture Porn and more!

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