The Tripper 2 Coming Soon?


Late last night David Arquette made a trip to the Glenn Beck show on CNN. For those of you who have never heard of the show basically Glenn Beck is a somewhat level headed Republican. However on this particular night he had someone host the show for him while he was out on his "An Inconvenient Tour" across America.

This host chose David Arquette to appear on the show because of the obvious political statement that he made with his film The Tripper. Surprisingly the host didn't bash the film at all and had a nice conversation with Arquette. However the host asked why the film didn't have several killers with say Democratic presidents.

This is where things started to get good. The interviewer mentioned Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Arquette shot back saying he is going to love the sequel which he is currently writing! So I guess this means we can look forward to a bloody sequel with some Democratic tendencies. I can hear the trailer guy now, "This year even the blue states will turn BLOODY RED!"

The first flick is schedueled to hit DVD on October 23rd. Until then keep it here for more on the sequel as we hear it.

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