Casting Begins On A Tale of Two Sisters


Awhile back we reported on the remake to A Tale of Two Sisters and today we have some more news on the project. It was announced today that Elizabeth Banks has been cast to star in the film. Brothers Thomas and Charles Guard have been brought aboard to direct despite the fact that neither of them have directed a feature before. Let alone a horror short.

Craig Rosenberg adapted the English-language screenplay, with a rewrite from Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro. This is probably what has slowed the film down and made it drag out for so long. The story revolves around two sisters who return home to their father after spending time in a mental institution. Their recovery is hindered by their cruel stepmother's (Banks) obsessiveness and an interfering ghost.

Dreamworks is heading up the project which means we will definetly be seeing this one in theaters everywhere. The original ranks among some of the best Asian horror films of all time and is hands down the best Korean horror picture I have ever seen. Apparently the project picked up some extra cash and now shooting has been moved to Shreveport, La. in July.

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