Body Snatchers Remake Gets 2 Disc

Remakes, scourge of the genre at the moment. Grant it they are nothing new, but the recent slew of them have been complete crap. But, the one thing we can always look forward to with a new remake, is that sometime before or just a bit after a DVD of the original stacked to the gills will come along. Well, most of the time anyway...The Hitcher seems to be the one exception.

Well, in August we are getting a semi-remake of the 1956 classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers, this time just called The Invasion, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel who helmed the superb war drama Der Untertag. Sadly though, its not the original thats getting the blinged out DVD. Instead, according to Fangoria, the 1978 remake directed by Philip Kaufman and starring Donald Sutherland.

I haven't seen this remake, been on my rental list for a while now but I keep passing it over for something else. Kaufman's film follows the same storyline of the original where a man notices the people in his town are acting strangely and are in fact being replaced by alien beings.

The film will be presented in a two disc format with these specs:

  • Commentary by Philip Kaufman
  • Re-Visitors From Outer Space or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love the Pod
  • Practical Magic: The Special Pod Effect
  • The Man Behind The Screams: The Sound Effects Pod
  • The Invasion Will Be Televised: The Cinematography Pod

The DVD hits the shelves on August 7 and will set you back $19.98.
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