Goosebumps Coming to the Screen


I can remember being a kid in about 4th grade and being practically addicted to the works of R.L. Stine. I think I went through the first thirty some odd books before I was finally too old to read those things anymore. Well if any of you out there are ready for a nostalgic trip back in time get ready because here comes one now.

It has just been announced that 20th Century Fox is currently working with R.L. Stine to bring his Goosebumps horror-series to the big screen. Yes to theaters. I have no idea which stories they will be adapting but I think the stories are short enough that they could do this in anthology fashion.

Of course this is going to be aimed mainly at the younger audience but I think for those of us who have kids its perfect. You can slowly introduce them into horror through this series without it being overly violent or bloody. Should be a good time for all.

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