Kidder Joins The Box Collector


Margot Kidder, Noah Segan and Michael Bowen will star in UK director John Daly's The Box Collector. Margot Kidder is of course a genre legend having starred in countless films including Amityville Horror and Sisters. Noah Segan will be seen in the upcoming Cabin Fever 2 flick as will Michael Bowen. Daly will be directing from a screenplay written by Guy Lee Thys.

The film follows Harry Green, a brooding young artist who falls hard for a young and recent divorcee. His overprotective mother however will not put up with his new found love. During this turbulent time in his life he is trying to come to terms with his fathers violent death. The title simply comes from Harry's weird obsession of collecting boxes and then drawing them.

So where is all the horror? Well if you can believe it the divorcee's home is haunted and bloodshed is going to come. Sounds a little odd but as long as their is some malevolent spirits and Margot Kidder chewing up the scenery this is a promising flick.

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