No Bruce in Bubba Nosferatu?


Today AICN posted a review from a fan regarding Bruce Campbell's new film My Name Is Bruce. The screening took place this past week at Cinevegas. Apparently the movie was really good and the fans were really into the film. Of course like at most screenings it wasn't completely finished but it looked just about complete.

Anyway of course he had a Q&A and during that time he revealed that at the moment he has no involvement with the sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep. Now this could be because Don Coscarelli is still looking for funding. Obviously Bruce wouldn't be involved with a film that isn't going to be made.

Something else that was mentioned is that if the film does well he already has a title, My Name is Still Bruce. While it is catchy it reminds me of the dreaded I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise. At any rate if you want to check out the full review of the film head over to AICN and check it out.

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