Petty Talks The Burrowers


J.T. Petty always seems to be working on something new. Not to long ago he finished his project S&Man and was recently announced as the director of the upcoming remake of Faces of Death. Previously he directed Soft for Digging and even Mimic 3. Now his most recent project is The Burrorwers which we showed you some production art from not to long ago.

Today Dread Central spoke with Petty about his film. Of course everyone has been drawing similarities between his film and Tremors. When posed the question Petty said, "Everybody asks about Tremors, why doesn't anybody ask about Valley of the Gwangi?" he lamented. "Or The Boogens for god's sake? I'm a big Kevin Bacon fan. Not to mention Michael Gross. But generally, no, not a big Tremors influence. There's nothing campy about Burrowers."

I guess that is refreshing to hear. Even better is his comment about the special FX, "Rob and his team have been working on the project for more than two years, so we've been able to design everything from the bones out. He's a brilliant guy and his work in Burrowers is really going to fuck people up."

So the flick sounds like it going to be a wild trip. Lionsgate will be distributing this one but there really is no guarantee that we will see this one in theaters either. Hopefully Lionsgate will give it a chance.

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