White Slavery and Zombies?


Today it was announced that Maverick Red and Grindhouse Pictures AB would be forming an alliance to develop films for the U.S. market. They plan on making both remakes and some original genre material which I hope is going to be there main focus.

Luckily there first film out the gate will be a little film called Paradise Lost written by Mans F.G. Thunberg and Christian Hallman. Hallman seems to really know his work having been very involved in the European film industry. He also worked on the development and production managed/line produced the Swedish vampire film FROSTBITEN with Solid Entertainment.

Paradise Lost is going to be made in the tradition of some of the greats in the horror genre Deodato and Fulci. Now those will be some big shows to fill but billing itself as a horror adventure with zombies will certainly help. The story is set in the secret world of voodoo and white slavery, centers on a brother searching for his missing sister only to find out she has been killed and revived as a zombie.

Now that sounds like a kick ass flick. It has been way too long since we have seen some voodoo zombies. Currently they are busy location scouting in the wild outback of South Carolina. So keep it here for more because I will be keeping my eye out for more information on this one.

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