Grindhouse Releasing Gets a Website

After a long while, Grindhouse Releasing, the folks who brought us Ruggero Deodato's contraversial classic Cannibal Holocaust have finally gotten a website up. Grindhouse Releasing has also unleashed I Drink Your Blood and Cannibal Ferox. Grindhouse is commited to releasing various classic and cult exploitation films.

Besides for releasing Holocaust, they are probably most famous around the fanbase as the folks who have been talking about releasing Lucio Fulci's masterpiece The Beyond, which Anchor Bay original had the rights to, for what has seemed like years. Hopefully the website means we are one step closer to the film and so shoveling out $80 for an Anchor Bay DVD on Ebay won't be needed. This is the one I am most looking forward to and I hope its stacked with extras. Also in their lineup is Fulci's Cat in the Brain, where Fulci also stars.

I have experianced one or two minor glitches with the site and hopefully all that will be fixed.

Grindhouse Releasing Website.
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