Day of the Dead Reshoots


Why am I not surprised that the Day of the Dead remake is going to be getting reshoots? Actually to be honest I'm surprised they are even going to bother with reshoots. They should have just dumped it in theaters and then did a quick turn around on DVD.

The scribe Jeffrey Reddick recently spoke with AITH about the film and here is a little something that he had to say, "I'm not sure when the movie's coming out. I know they're doing some reshoots very soon...and the production company, Nu Image, recently bought First they're still strategizing on the release date. They're aiming for a Fall release, but it depends on how quickly they get the reshoots done."

I am assuming that the reshoots might be happening due to some reviews that appeared online not to long ago. This movie has been collecting dust for quite some time now so I'm a little surprised that now they are going back for reshoots. Make sure you keep it here and we'll let you know when they finally decide to release it. Oh and if you want a good laugh watch the trailer below.

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