New Indie Zombie Movie: The Stink Of Flesh

I've added yet another new Indie Zombie movie to our database, this one is called 'The Stink Of Flesh'.  The movie just recently premiered in Albuquerque, NM August 6th and 7th, playing four shows to sold-out crowds! Audiences laughed, squealed and made sounds of disgust as the story of Matool and his new family unfolded before them. Due to popular demand, more screenings are being scheduled.

I just watched the trailer and I've got to say, this movie looks absolutely awesome!  It's got some really terrific zombie makeup and gore, lots of action, some sly humor and just an all around good time.  I've spoken with Scott, the director, and he is sending a copy to us on DVD.  I really cannot wait to see this movie!  I suggest you check out the trailer on the 'The Stink of Flesh' movie page that we have up.  Be warned, the trailer is quite graphic and contains material that may offend some viewers (gore, sexual situations and nudity).  You can check out the 'The Stink of Flesh' movie page by clicking HERE.

Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming review of this great looking indie/zombie flick!

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