Strathairn Tells A Tale of Two Sisters


A Tale of Two Sisters Movie DetailsDavid Strathairn has just signed on to star opposite Elizabeth Banks in the remake to Kim Jee-Woon's A Tale of Two Sisters. The original still remains as one of my favorite Asian films. Well scratch that one of my favorite films period. A real masterpiece that definetly is required viewing for all fans of Asian cinema.

In the remake Strathairn will play a concerned father of two girls who return home after spending time in a mental institution. Once there, they are forced to deal with their stepmother's (Banks) obsessive and unbalanced ways as well as an interfering ghost.

Two brothers oddly enough, Thomas and Charles Guard will be directing this film together. This makes me wonder if they will be able to bring something new to the table having grown up together and knowing sibling rivalry probably pretty well. I guess this could be interesting. Filming is schedueled to begin next month in Shreveport, La. Keep it here for more.

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