Pajama Party Massacre!


I think the name alone will move alot of units on this one folks! Director Jason Stephenson dropped me a line today to inform everyone on his follow up to Doomed to Consume. This past fathers day weekend he filmed an entire short film which they have dubbed You're Next 3: Pajama Party Massacre! As if you really need a synopsis I will throw it at ya anyway:

An innocent night of ice cream and stories for a pair of beautiful women will turn into a fight for life when a serial axe murderer shows up uninvited… Blood will be shed!

Now if that doesn't sound bad ass enough for ya I don't know what does. Joe Knetter is a underground horror legend and he will be playing the axe murdering madman. Now when it comes to the babes we got Elske McCain (Gimme Skelter) and new comer Scarlet Salem. I was very pleased to discover that Marcus Koch who directed 100 Tears also worked on this film making some of the props. Sounds like a pretty rockin cast and crew if you ask me.

Not For The Squeamish Productions promise lots of "campy humor, nod's to the genre, lesbian overtones, nudity, action and off the wall bloodletting". What else can you ask from a filmmaker? Nothing! Expect this short and the three prior You're Next films to be put together on a jam packed DVD with extras and all kinds of goodies. If you can't wait that long they will be showing the film at some upcoming conventions and film festivals. We'll let you know which ones as soon as we find out.

When this bad boy hits DVD folks had better buy this baby up. Stephenson told us, "If all goes well with this project, we are entertaining the possibility of doing other sequals and/or expanding it into a feature length grindhouse style slasher!" I just had to top all the news you just heard with that. A feature length grindhouse slasher starring Elske McCain and Joe Knetter! Count me in!

Currently they have a webpage up for the movie but there isn't much to be seen that I haven't already mentioned. But you can drop by their Myspace Page and give them a shoutout. Below you can check out some of the stills that we recieved as well.

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