Broken Coming to DVD


Broken PosterIt has been way too long since we have heard anything about Adam Mason's Broken. It was on the festival circuit at around the same time Blood Trails was and that film has been released for several months now on DVD. So whats the hold up? Need you ask when the Weinstein Co. is behind it all?

Seems like as soon as they pick up a new movie we end up waiting WAY too long for them to get their act together and give it a decent release. Well luckily we don't have to wait much longer. According to Home Media Magazine, Broken will be hitting DVD on the Weinsteins Dimension Extreme label on September 25th.

In the film a mother and daughter are captured and brought to a remote forest. Once the mother awakens she discovers her daughter is missing and that a stranger is forcing her to undergo humiliating, violent and degrading trials. Somehow she must break free and discover where her daughter is.. but does she really want to find out?

You can check out the trailer for the film right now at TerrorFeed.

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