Jack Brooks Monster Slayer


I'm not sure how a movie that looks so big and so ambitious could just hover under everyones radar for so long. Director Jon Knautz has been secretly hiding away and directing a film Jack Brooks Monster Slayer and so far it looks fantastic. Not to mention that starring in the film is horror icon Robert Englund playing Proffesor Crowley. Which is odd considering Englund is also in Hatchet in which the main characters name is Victor Crowley.. hmmm.

Anyway the concept of the movie is very basic but still sounds like a fun creature feature. Jack Brooks has had a very hard life and is dealing with the brutal murder of his family. One day as he is fixing Prof. Crowley's pipes he unleashes an unspeakable evil that infects Prof. Crowley morphing him into some kind of creature.. Upon doing this Jack discovers his true calling to become a Monster Slayer.

The latest news on the film is that it is now working on virtual FX or CGI. But don't worry this film is definetly rooted in practical FX which is evident by checking out the Official site. There they have some nice pictures and even some webisodes located under Jack's Journals. So check out the site and we'll let you know if anything new is happening with the film soon. 

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