Directors Chosen for Lost Squad


Stephen St. Leger and James Mather have just jumped on board to script and direct Lost Squad for Rogue Pictures. The two have become to be known as Saint and Mather directing several commercials. But what essentially got them there job is a short film they directed, Prey Alone. Which I have included for your viewing pleasure below.

Lost Squad is a comic book written by Chris Kirby and drawn by Alan Robinson. Devils Due has been publishing the comic since the fall of 2005. the miniseries revolves around the supernatural action adventures of a squad of American soldiers who take on weird missions during World War II, fighting Adolf Hitler's occult agents and other threats. In the past the comic has featured vengeful spirits, flying Nazi commandos, mechanized spider-tanks and crazed demon solders.

Daniel Alter will be producing and he says "It's not going to look like a 'Band of Brothers' or 'Saving Private Ryan". Instead they want to give it that overstylized look that 300 had.


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