Fantasia Film Festival Line Up


The Fantasia Film Festival.. in my opinion is the best film festival running. Cannes is a little too fancy and the AFM tries a little bit too hard to be Cannes. But Fantasia always has so many awesome flicks playing that I doubt you could see all of the films that you wanted to see even if you stayed for the whole event.

This year a bunch of kickin movies are playing including Kurtzman's The Rage, The Redsin Tower, Hatchet, Spiral, S&man, The Signal and even a cult classic favorite of mine, The One Armed Boxer. So if you are in the Montreal area or you plan on making a trip up that way I highly suggest you visit the Fantasia Film Festival.

Even if you don't plan on attending you can check out all these kickin flicks they will be playing on the Official Website.

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