The Stink of Flesh Zombie Movie Sells Out!

The premiere screenings of The Stink of Flesh were a huge success. We sold out all four shows, along with a pile of DVDs and mini-posters. Looks like we'll be able to afford that sound mix very soon! The audience response was -- and continues to be -- amazing. And the chicks love that Matool!

Kurly Tlapoyawa (Matool himself) tells me that his store, Burning Paradise,
sold out of its stock of Stink DVDs in less than a day. Not to worry, though -- we've got a new batch on order and expect to have them available by Friday (August 13th).

We're working on setting up a Paypal cart to handle DVD orders for those of you who live in places other than Albuquerque. Keep an eye on this space for info!

The next scheduled screening of The Stink of Flesh will take place August 28th at Bubonicon 36. Showtime is 11:15 PM (give or take a few minutes due to convention programming). The EDP gang will also be doing a panel that evening at 6:30 PM on the making of the movie. Expect several members of the cast and crew to be on hand for the hijinks... A Saturday membership at Bubonicon 36 is just $15, which gets you entertainment, an art show, a hospitality suite and more from 10:00 am to past midnight (and don't forget the drinkin'!). For those just wanting to come to see The Stink of Flesh we'll be setting a screening-only admission price soon. Keep an eye on the EDP message boards for more info.

Congrats to the crew and cast of Stinking Flesh on behalf of MoviesOnline for a big success on their opening night! Head to the Stink of Flesh movie section below to learn more and watch the trailer!

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