AVP2 Title IS! *drum roll*

For some time now, fans of the Alien and Predator series have been holding their breath (me being one of them) on the title for AVP2. One name which was sure to stick was Alien vs Predator: Survival of the Fittest, I'm sure Darwin would be happy that his theory is being demonstrated in a war between two viscious alien species...but fans probably wouldn't be too happy. Another subtext that was briefly mentioned, but later it was said it might be a tagline: No Peace On Earth.

Needless to say, even the first ain't that good. Subtexts are getting outta hand imo for sequels...whats so bad about a Roman numeral or a number? Well, Superhero hype has found out that Fox has made its choice on the title. Drum Roll Please. The title is............   ALIENS VS PREDATOR

Thats it folks. Just adding an "s" to Alien. For gamers out there, it is also the title of the successful video game series. Though just to answer any question of an AVP3 video game...apparently there will not be one, at least in the near future, last I checked. Aliens vs Predator will be coming into theaters this Christmas.
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