Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake Review

It was a thursday night, school was closed the next day so I had a 3 day weekend. So I decided to go to Blockbuster and make a double feature. I rented both the original Texas chainsaw massacre (1974) and the new Texas chainsaw massacre (2003) and watch them back-to-back. I watched the original first and then the remake and I know most people liked the original more then this remake but I found myself enjoying this remake more then the original.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


I thought the original was ok but really I didn't see what made it a classic. I did like it but found it to be really weird. And above all, I didn't find it to be very scary. I have no idea what is scary about tying up a girl, and laugh at her as you eat your dinner. Sure it is torture, but it didn't send a chill down my spine. That is not scary, that is just weird. Now this one I found scary. I was really feeling bad for the guy who got hung on the hook; he really got tortured. This movie gave me nightmares!!!! It was so good I watched a couple more times before I had to return it. Anyway here is the plot.

A group of teenagers are traveling through Texas end up taking sudden detour. They encounter a strange woman on the road and take her into their van, hoping they can find her some help. The women has a very odd behavior, she keeps saying things like "He's a bad man". And then she says "You're all gonna die", and then takes a gun and shoots herself. The group now has no idea of what to do. They call the police and then stop at an abandoned warehouse. Two of the kids go wandering off and find a very creepy house in the middle of nowhere and go in to find help. But little do they know, inside that house lives a psychotic family of cannibals and the man of the house is a chainsaw wielding maniac-the man known as Leatherface! The teenagers now find themselves running for their lives and this psychopath starts killing each of them off one by one!

I really cannot understand why this movie was hated. I know everybody has there own opinions but I can't understand why many believe this had ruined Tobe Hooper's classic. Whoever believes that should know that Tobe Hooper helped make this movie, so by saying that this ruins the original Texas chainsaw massacre, you are also saying Tobe Hooper ruined his own masterpiece. I also still cannot understand why so many others find Leatherface to be less scary. Gunner Hansen's portrayal of Leatherface was very well done because he made him seem so mysterious. But I really liked Andrew Bryniarski's portrayal of Leather face because he was more gruesome, plus in this one Leatherface had done more gory things then he did in the original. Plus he always kept trying to kill Jessica Biel even what after she did to his arm (the only way to find is to see the movie). This movie had more suspense, more scares, more family members, more blood then original. For a modern horror movie, this what pretty scary (almost every horror film made during the past 10 years fail to deliver scares). So if your looking for a good scary movie, see this!

Reviewer:   bart  (Framingham, MA)

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