GP 506 Put On Hold


Not long ago we told you about Kong Su-changs follow up to R-Point, GP 506. Before everything had gone down they were 70% done with shooting everything they needed. However, a management battle and lawsuit at stock market-listed production house Motis has paralyzed funds and ground production to a halt.

Now with Motis in trouble, another company that had comitted $500,000 to the project want their money back. With this going on Motis has said that they are indeed are talking with several other production companies that have shown an interest in taking over the troubled project.

In the film a strange multiple murder case has just occurred. A squad of soldiers from guard point 506 has been brutally killed, all except one. Every body was either crushed, or had their heads cut from their neck. The only survivor is in coma and the case is a complete mystery. Military investigator is dispatched. When he arrives it soon becomes apparent this is no ordinary investigation, he is confronted by the discovery that a strange virus is turning soldiers into zombie like killers…!

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