DVD News: Black Sheep, Cujo, Alligator


Today Fangoria dropped quite a bit of DVD news on us so I decided rather then posting a bunch of seperate news items we could condense it all down to one. I'll start with the great news that Black Sheep already has a DVD date of October 9th. That will becoming to us courtesy of Genius in cohoots with Weinstein Co.

Next up is a little bit on some DVDs we have covered here in the past, the upcoming Cujo (specs are here) and Alligator (specs) DVD. The artwork has just come in on both of these releases and below you can check out the Cujo art. Which I think is pretty rad however I can't say the same for the Alligator artwork. It looks like another one of Lionsgates straight to DVD jobs. Cujo will be streeting on September 25th and Alligator will be charging down the street on September 18th. Check out Fangoria for the Alligator artwork and bask in the greatness of the Cujo art below.

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