Superman 5 Casting in Scotland?

According to there has been a casting call there. Here is a clip from that site.

Emmet Scanlan [“The Big Bow Wow”], 25, said he gave his 10-minute audition in Clarence Hotel his best shot. According to the article, the 25-year-old donned a pair of Clark Kent type specs as he acted out two scenes from the first Superman movie around the female star Lois meeting her work colleague and then the red-caped hero.

 “It went well and I am hopeful. I got the film itself and it had Christopher Reeve’s screen test on it so I watched that. I put a little element of myself into it”, he says. “They’ll audition a hell of a lot of people.

They are giving a lot of people a chance which is also a good thing you know. “So I’d say there will be a lot of people going to see Superman to see who pipped them for the job.”

The site also says that Superman will begin filming in March. 

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