Dawn of the Dead 1977

Out of complete respect for George Romero I have added the Dawn of the Dead 1977 version of the movie to the website. This is the ultimate zombie flick. The movie that is often copied but never duplicated. Be sure to check out the photogallery as I add lots of pics from this movie which is a classic.

In a sort of bizarre statement about American consumerism at the dawning of the Mall age, four people are on the run to Canada to escape the ongoing zombification of the U.S. that began in Romero's first in the series, Night of the Living Dead. On the way, they stop to rest at a shopping mall (the Monroeville Mall in Pennsylvania) that has, like, the coolest clothes, an ice skating rink, and Orange Julius, and stuff. Sucked in by the lure of endless shopping, the four hang out for a while--only to find themselves battling zombies, biker looters, even each other. Lucky for them, the Monroeville Mall of 1977 had a gun and rifle shop.

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