Suspect Zero: Carrie Anne Moss Interview

Carrie-Anne Moss recently talked to MSN about her upcoming role in Suspect Zero, Mission Impossible 3, and her Matrix time. When asked about the fact she swore to never do another action movie, yet signed onto Mission Impossible 3, Carrie-Anne Moss says

"I really had to grapple with that decision. I told people I would never do another one. But life happens. I can't wait to go and do that film."

Moss credits "The Matrix" with changing her life, professionally and personally. I think the Matrix is the first movie series she was in that I actually recognized her in. It was what sold me on what a great actress she was. Carrie-Anne says

"It was sort of the turning point for me. It was truly one of those experiences where your work inspires who you are as a person, and I really kind of feel I came into my own during that time."

Without her "Matrix" experience she probably wouldn't have landed a role in "Mission," she says. The trilogy was also instrumental in helping her land a part in the new psychological thriller "Suspect Zero," starring Aaron Eckhart and Ben Kingsley.

Though she doesn't share screen time with the Oscar-winning Kingsley, Moss enjoyed getting to know the British actor, who plays an enigmatic ex-FBI agent who may have gone off the deep end. "I got to sit next to him in my chair and talk with him about life," she says.

Tall and beautiful with luminous blue eyes, Moss entered the world of modeling, landing jobs in Toronto, Japan and Spain and appearing on many international magazine covers. While working in Spain, she landed a regular role on the CBS series "Dark Justice," which was produced in Barcelona the first season. Returning to L.A., she landed a starring role on "Models, Inc."

"It was funny, because when I auditioned for that role, the character's name was Carrie. She was 27 and over the hill," recalls Moss, laughing. "I could relate, because as a model that's how it is."

She continued to toil away on various TV shows until she hit the jackpot when she was cast in Larry and Andy Wachowski's "The Matrix."

"It was a turning point for me," she acknowledges. "I got the job when I turned 30. It was five years of learning and dealing with this successful movie and all the things I dreamed of. I loved every minute of working on those films."

With the success of the "The Matrix," other film roles followed, including the mobster comedy "The Crew," co-starring Burt Reynolds and Richard Dreyfuss, as well as the outer space adventure "Red Planet" opposite Val Kilmer. Other credits include the Oscar-nominated "Chocolat" and the critically acclaimed indie thriller "Memento." Memento and Red Planet are two good films, that Carrie-Anne played a minor role and did not really stand out in. When I watch them now after the Matrix I now recognize her in these films.

As a parent, she is deeply disturbed about some of the real-life fears and dangers involving children raised in "Suspect Zero." "The whole image of the missing child on the milk carton just makes me shudder," she says.

"At the time that we were making this film, I remember there were so many children like Elizabeth Smart being abducted. There was just child after child and I was in tears every single day. My kid's never leaving my sight."

"Suspect Zero also taps into the paranoia of our times. I go through my phases where I feel like we are being told a lot of stuff to make us afraid and then I go through other times where I'm like, maybe it really is like that. I think you need to know and be safe but you also have to enjoy your life."

She also thinks about her role as a parent when she chooses scripts.

"I would never want to do anything exploitive,"

she says.

 "I won't do nudity. I've never felt comfortable with that whole idea. Now that I have a kid, I feel even more strongly about it."

I wonder if this is like the "I will never do another action movie". In my opinion Carrie Anne Moss is one of the hottest and most talented actors in Hollywood right now. Her name on the Suspect Zero Project is one of the main reasons I am going to see this movie.


Contributing Source: MSN Entertainment


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