Producer talks about H.G. Lewis' 'Grim Fairy Tales'

According to Fangoria, who had the opportunity to speak with 'Grim Fairy Tales' producer Chris Tuffin, principal photography will begin at the start of this fall.  Tuffin commented:

“'Grim Fairy Tales: Win, Lose or Die' will be the first feature-length motion picture produced exclusively by the sick and twisted team at BloodWorks.  It will be, hands down, the most expensive Herschell Gordon Lewis film ever made, very much in the same vein as 2001 Maniacs."

No casting has been confirmed just yet, but Tuffin did mention;

“All I can say is that we are finalizing a deal with a lead talent who is no stranger to blood—especially his own. Anything else I say would give it away, so you’ll have to stay tuned for the formal announcement in a few weeks. As with 2001 Maniacs, you can expect to see a lot of creepy, bone-chilling villains. There may be some recognizable cameos as well, but we like to keep those under wraps, so no spoilers here.”

Tuffin's production company, Bloodworks, is also producing the soundtrack.  Jonathon McHugh will oversee the soundtrack while H.G. Lewis will be responsible for the 'theme song' of the twisted reality show in the middle of the movie.  Also of note, gorehounds rejoice as it seems Tuffin is not going to bow out to the censors easily.

"As with all our films, we're aiming for a theatrical release. But having said that, we're not going to be a whore and compromise the gore. [This one] will definitely push the boundaries of decency and will result in all of the filmmakers being blacklisted from their churches, PTA, country clubs, as well as the loss of all child visitation rights. But screw ’em, we’re here to make horror, not friends."

Great news to hear!  I am a fellow gorehound so to hear that a producer will not cut his movie to a censors will, that fills me with hope that Hollywood hasn't completely gone down the drain!

Grim Fairy Tales: Win, Lose or Die does not have an 'official' plot yet, but so far it seems the movie is about a twisted reality show where contestents can win a prize if they guess the answer to a question right.  If the get the answer wrong, however...well, we will just have to wait and see what happens to those unfortunate souls!

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